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Unleash Your Body Within!

Get a clear roadmap so you can lose weight, gain energy, and overcome poor health - without supplements, shakes, or the gym!

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"My knowledge of nutrition and wellness wasn't enough to move me through the fatigue of having six children. Belldon provided me a specific framework and helped me through emotional patterns to get to the other side of fatigue, while still nursing my son. I feel vibrant, clear and GRATEFUL."

– Kimberly Van Der Beek

"I was so impressed with the things he talked about that I finally feel hopeful to get my health on track."

– Tammy

"I learned what has been blocking my path to victory!!"

– Patricia

Why Join This Challenge …


Why every diet you have tried has let you down, never producing long-lasting results. It's not your fault. They were designed to fail!


The consistent, predictable way to support your body's natural ability to unlock the healthy, energetic body you desire. And great news! It doesn't have to be complicated.


An effective roadmap to get the body you want. And you will finally be able to keep it!

take A leap & bet on you

Imagine ...

Being More Refreshed

Wake up refreshed, work all day, care for your family
AND still have energy for YOU!

Having More Confidence

Wear those clothes. Be in that photo. You don't need to hide. Your body finally aligns with who you are!

Never Stressing About Food Again

Enjoy food, family, and friends with no regrets. Align your mind, emotions, and the needs of your body.


Nutrition Made Simple

5 Day Challenge

Day One

The Power Within

The power of healing has always been inside your body. It's your birthright. You deserve it.

Unleash that power with simple nutrition decisions that align with your body's chemistry to create positive body results.

This is the Day of Discovery

Day two

Leveraging Your Energy Factor

Your health and energy begins with the healing power of each cell of your body.

Understand how to work with your cells using the nourishment of our planet. You will unlock youthful energy and stimulate your body's built-in healing mechanisms.

This is the Day of Possibility.

Day three

The Power of Unlearning

The biggest obstacle in your way is likely the beliefs you hold about food and your body, beliefs that have not served you on your health journey so far.

Through powerful myth-busting and reframing, you will gain the knowledge to make food serve you and create the body you know is inside of you.

This is the Day of Power

Day four

Countering Food Culture

See modern food culture for exactly what it is, and consciously choose a better culture for yourself and those you love.

Learn what food additives are and which ones are blocking your best efforts to lose weight and build a healthy body.

This is the Day of Awakening

Day five

The Body Chemistry Formula

Create a simple and effective Whole Body Roadmap to remake your body with all-day energy, robust health, and a physique you will be proud of.

You will discover the simple and proven Body Chemistry Formula. Together we will map a path that overcomes the physical, emotional, and psychological hurdles you may encounter along the way.

Today is GO DAY 


Mark your calendar and join us!


3:00 PM PST, 6:00 PM EST

Meet the coach

I'm Belldon and I'm Obsessed with Giving the World its Health Back!

I get that you have probably tried a lot of things and are probably a bit skeptical about this.

You are in good company. I suffered for years with obesity, heart disease, and total exhaustion following conventional health advice.

Fortunately, I took the opportunity to learn how my body works and was able to completely reverse my heart disease, lose 105 pounds, and today have energy to wear out my grandkids; even after a long day's work.

And best of all, it was much simpler than I thought it would be!

I have researched the body at a cellular level for nearly two decades, and have been blessed to help thousands to overcome the struggle of regaining their health, including weight loss, overcoming chronic disease, and regaining youthful energy.

Today, I want to help you.

Founder of Nutritional Fitness


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